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Gem Essences / Crystal Elixirs

What Are Gem Essences / Crystal Elixirs?

Gem essences are natural vibrational imprints that transmit their healing power through regular drinking water. They interact with the subtle energetic body and evoke specific meta-physical healing qualities that affect our mind, body, and spirit. Like all essences they help raise our body’s vibrational patterns, restoring health & well-being.


How Do I Take the Gem Essences?

1) Drip at Least 1 Drop in Drinking Water of Any Size Container (or Other Beverage)
2) Tap, Stir or Shake to Activate Essence(s)
3) Drink & Enjoy!

Most practitioners or manufacturers recommend taking essences and other energetic remedies about 4 times a day.  However, I personally believe every drop of water (or any other liquid you may be drinking) has the potential of bringing health, healing, restoration, renewal, positive mindsets, straightened priorities, clarity, confidence & courage when essences are present!  So why then should they be reserved for only 4 times a day?!  Every water pitcher, bottle or glass I fill has Gem & Flower Essences or other vibrational remedies.

How Our Gem Essences Are Made

The crystals chosen were hand selected for their color, beauty, clarity and must be very representative of their type. They were allowed to charge in the full sun prior to placing in distilled water to charge for several hours more for capturing their essence. This cleanses the gem crystals and allows for the highest possible vibration of each stone’s essence. Next a sample is siphoned off to add to our vast energetic library in the Avatar. Then we select our 16 proprietary frequencies (hopefully soon to be patent pending) 8 to address the acute and 8 to address chronic or generational weaknesses. Lastly, we use a wave-runner to imprint this new multi-chord essence onto our powerful nutritional base. Ta Da… A powerful gem essence / crystal elixir is born!

Our Gem Essences Are Unique

There are several things that make our essences different. Here a couple of the most important differences…

Powerful Multi-Chord Remedies – 16 Proprietary Potencies for Each Essence

We Only Use Distilled Water.  We want everything contained in our essences to BE ON PURPOSE!

Cellular Carrier with Trace Minerals – They deliver the essences where you need them most… directly into each cell

Unmatched Purity – We use gluten free distilled vodka (from pineapple) and oxygen to preserve our essences

A Better Bottle – We tend to get questions about why we don’t use the same rubber dropper bottles that everyone else does. From our own experience, the rubber droppers either disintegrate or make the essences turn faster (become cloudy, stinky or taste rubbery / icky) over time. This is especially true if they are stored in warmer areas, on their side, or carried in a purse. We only use these types of bottles for making short-term custom remedies.

Freshness & Manufacturer Guarantee – If your Essence ever turn (see above) prior to the fresh date on your essence (which has never been reported), have a defective cap which happens on rare occasions, or there is some bizarre shipping mishap, we will replace your essence no questions asked!

Meta-Psychical Properties of These Powerful Gem Essences / Crystal Elixirs

 Amazonite-Crystal AmazoniteFor Absorbing EMFs, Brain, Mood, Emotions, Calm, Grief, Loving Communications, Intuition, Sees Many Sides of Problems, Calcium Assimilation & Psychic Vision
Amethyst-Crystal AmethystSupports Mind, Meditation, Peace, Alcoholism, Addictions, Fatigue, Anger, Decision Making, Arthritis, Metabolism, Hormones, Burns Acne, Swelling, Pain & Injury
 Angelite-Crystal AngeliteFor Angelic Guidance, Intuition, Awareness, Math, Perception, Telepathy, Inspiration, Empathy, Acceptance, Anger, Peace, Throat Thyroid, Fluid & Weight Control
 Bloodstone-Crystal BloodstoneSupports Cleansing Blood, Liver Intestine, Spleen, Infection, Detox, Circulation, Protection, Creativity, Intuition, Heart, Lymph, Immune, Irritability, Impatience, & Energy
 Citrine CitrineFor Cleansing, Warmth, Energy Prosperity, Wealth, Confidence Motivation,Creativity, Fear, Calm Abundance, Optimism, Wisdom Focus, Digestion & Hormones
 Fluorite-Crystal FluoriteFor Skin, Bone, Joints, Flu, Cells, DNA, Cleansing, Purity, Infections, Stress, Focus, Chaos, Learning, Dexterity, Coordination, Balance, Intuition, Revealing Truth & Order
 Garnet-Crystal GarnetFor Love, Passion, Devotion, Sex Drive, Energy, Metabolism, DNA, Purity, 6th Sense, ESP, Inhibitions, Commitment, Heart, Blood, Lungs Pituitary, Confidence & in Crisis
 Jade-Crystal JadeFor Calm, Wisdom, Luck, Purity, Serenity, Love, Relationships, Nurturing, Protection, Harmony, Kidneys, Adrenals, Detox, Spleen, Fertility, Balances Fluids & pH
 Lapis-Lazuli-Crystal Lapis LazuliFor Enlightenment, Expression, 3rd Eye, Dream Work, Psychic & Spiritual Growth, Stress, Peace, Honesty, Compassion, Purpose, Thyroid, Hearing, & Depression
 Malachite-Crystal MalachiteFor Protection, Healing, Acidity, Negativity, Toxicity, Insight, Psychic Vision, Expression, Change, Risk Taking, Cramps, Childbirth, Love, Heart & Kidneys
 Moonstone-Crystal MoonstoneSupports Change, Fertility, Calm, New Beginnings, Male / Female Balance, Receptive, Cycles, Fluid Retention, Hormones, Instability, Lucid Dreaming, ESP & Intuition
 Obsidian-Crystal ObsidianFor Growth, Protection, Truth, Toxicity, Sensitivity, Insight, Resolving Problems & Traumas, Negativity, Digestion, Shock, Pain, Cramps, Tension & Stress
 Onyx-Crystal OnyxFor Strength, Injury, Mental Stress, Confusion, Focus, Flighty, Stability, Worry, Grief, Trauma Bone, Marrow, Blood, Stamina, Fears, Self Confidence & Control
 Quartz-Crystal QuartzFor Energy, Immune System, Cleansing, Healing, Protection, Concentration, Programming Calming, Distractions, Meditation Balance, Memory, Burns, Chakras
 Rhodochrosite-Crystal RhodochrositeFor Selfless Love, Facing Truth & Fears, Compassion, Self Worth, Asthma, Healing Old Sexual Abuse & Emotions, Sex Organs, Attitudes, Eyesight & Circulatory
 Rose-Quartz-Crystal Rose QuartzSupports Heart, Unconditional Love, Libido, Heartache, Empathy, Romanticism, Forgiving, Trust, Unity, All Relationships, Harmony, Pain, Circulation, Fertility, & Lung
 Topaz-Crystal TopazTo Mellow, Energize, Soothe, Heal, Forgive, Trust, Relax, Love, Share, Tap Into Resources, Set & Attain Goals, Empathize, Joy, Shed Light on Truth, & Wisdom, Self Awareness & Realization