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Flower Essence & a Prayer… Just Another Manic Monday

At the start of the week it usually takes me a while in prayer & meditation to get my week started right. I guess that is what happens when you are managing how many websites, businesses, product lines, not to mention the mothering, managing the home, and trying to ensure my husband gets the best parts of me & not left over dregs – Without seeking the Lord’s guidance my logical, analytic brain would have melted down many years ago!

Lately I’ve felt the Lord teaching me about “simple heart felt prayers for all.”  As a matter of fact the word for yesterday seemed to be – “If you (man in general) spent half the time praying for each other as you do complaining, criticizing, or gossiping about one another,  the world would be a much different place.”

Then this morning I started a way too long & drawn out prayer that was halted & replaced with this simple heartfelt prayer…

Lord Let There Be More of YOU & less of me!

Next as I usually do, I went to choose a Blessed Flower Combination Essence using blind muscle testing.  I half expected professional to come up.  I was a little frustrated with partners and co-workers who I was waiting for some items to be completed before I could finish a project I was working on.  I laughed out loud at myself when muscle testing revealed I needed Workaholic.

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